For many businesses, choosing to install a CHP system is a significant financial investment. ROI isn’t necessarily expected to reach them financially for 2-3 years and so, it becomes a question of whether these systems truly hold value for them specifically. One of the key considerations is whether they are actually more efficient than the standard options available. We’ll look into this and explain the technology in this blog today.

The difference between standard and CHP

If we first identify the key difference between combined heat and power systems and standard alternatives being the use of previously wasted heat, we can address efficiency. CHP systems require less fuel, whether this is natural gas, biomass or LPG, than standard systems in order to achieve a given energy output. They are designed to reduce the losses commonly found when electricity passes through power lines. The discharged heat that would once have dispersed into the atmosphere is extracted chemically and used to produce additional thermal energy. In many systems, this can improve efficiency, boosting it from 40/50% right up to 90% in some cases.

Transportation and on-site energy production

CHP systems also give businesses autonomy from the grid. They allow for the secure production of energy that no longer needs to travel extensive miles down cables and power lines to reach its end destination. Instead, high-demand environments can run on a continual loop, utilising the busiest times to produce additional thermal energy without spending more. There are also options for excessive thermal energy to be exported back through the grid – in some cases for financial benefits and to further reduce loss.

Environmental impact

Furthermore, CHP systems are kinder to the environment. Because they require less fuel to produce the required energy, they release fewer emissions into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxides are significantly reduced, minimising a businesses carbon footprint and allowing them to move towards more sustainable measures.

Combined heat and power units are primarily designed to offer more efficient solutions for businesses. At Energimizer, we have a team of experts on hand to support you in finding the most advanced solution to suit your needs. Get in contact with our team today for more information.