We can help you save money on your energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy costs generally play a significant part on a business overhead

CHP is a fantastic way to reduce the cost of operations in multiple sectors and industries, ranging from Leisure centres, Agriculture, Schools, Universities, Care Homes, Hospitals and Hotels

Energimizer technologies are a one-stop shop for your energy needs. Combinations of power and heat, Solar thermal solutions, Heat pumps, intricate system integration to support the installation. Specific design support and advice to match your business or residential building’s needs. We assess what current standards you meet, devise an effective solution that meets them better than anyone else.

Our team of experts will walk you through the complete process to provide solutions beginning with consultation and design, and keeping you informed as we work. We also continue to monitor the performance of your current system on an ongoing basis in order for us to save energy expenditure while saving money too.

We’ve devised systems for a variety of large industries, including the case studies listed below for great companies. Our engineering team can help you find which one is right for your home or business needs.

We have the most cutting-edge technologies available for businesses in any industry, so fill out our contact form today.

Leithland care home

Total savings using CHP
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vita student accom

Total savings using CHP
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