We have a comprehensive range of CHP products using the latest low carbon technologies, so you can find the perfect product for your needs.

We’re experts in the development of innovative and cost-effective CHP solutions. We understand that each customer is unique, so we develop bespoke packages to suit you: your requirements, your site, and your budget. And if required, we’ll provide full project management and technical support for all aspects of your installation.

The heart of our smartblock is the smartblock motors. They are sturdy, robust, highly efficient, and service-friendly, and they also provide you with a wide range of benefits. So, whatever your CHP application, we have a solution that will deliver maximum performance and energy savings for your business.

The Smartblock Power Control System is an electronic control system that uses precise modulation to allow up to 95% of the available power from a single block to be used by the connected electrical machines.

The Smartblock Data Bus System allows an unlimited number of units to be connected at any given time across a data bus, complying with the standard ISO15118 (IEC61558). An important benefit is that CHP installations that use our products do not need expensive control systems to operate each drive. This system simply enables multiple Smartblocks to be connected in parallel.

The secret to our success is in the quality of our products, and we invest heavily in continuous development and improvement. We constantly work on new technologies that can help you cut your running costs and improve your energy efficiency even further than ever before. Our goal is to be the best provider of multi-energy systems, with a focus on energy-saving and smart control.

WEB_Smartblock-7-5-Label_01 H2 Ready
Energimizer Natural Gas Fired CHP EM 7.5NG
WEB_Smartblock-16-Label_01 H2 Ready
Energimizer 16Kwe SmartBlock CHP
WEB_Smartblock-22-Label_01 H2 Ready
Energimizer Natural Gas Fired CHP EM 22NG
WEB_Smartblock-33-Label_01 H2 Ready
Energimizer Natural Gas Fired CHP EM 33NG
WEB_Smartblock-50-HMG-Label_04 H2 Ready
Energimizer Natural Gas Fired CHP EM 50NG
WEB_Smartblock-75s-Label_03 H2 Ready
Energimizer Natural Gas Fired Chp Em 75ng