Offering primary energy savings of 33.1% and with a total efficiency of 104.3%, the Energimizer 16KWE Smartblock CHP is there to help your business or home reduce its carbon footprint. It is fuelled by natural gases and has an exceptional thermal efficiency rating of 73.5%, backed by the latest in gas stream combustion (GSC) technology. Here, the complete flaming within the combustion chamber has been significantly reduced, improving thermodynamic efficiency and helping to reduce waste throughout the year for your property.

Using this advanced technology allows the Smartblock CHP to provide excellent knock resistance as well as the ability to be run permanently at low speeds. Its total annual use efficiency is 104.5% with a maximum effective power of 16kW and the ability to be connected to low voltage grids if required. It offers a thermal output of 37.5kW and a CHPP coefficiency of 0.43. While helping you reduce and become more aware of your carbon footprint, this smartblock also features an intelligent control system with continuous monitoring. The full graphic 5.7″ LCD screen pairs with a navigable keypad and allows you to control and monitor your usage throughout the year to ensure appropriate measures are being taken. The entire unit is covered with a noise-dampening hood that still allows for full access and appropriate maintenance to be undertaken.

The Energimizer name has become synonymous over the past 20 years for supporting end clients and construction businesses in finding effective low-carbon CHP solutions. For more information, download the spec sheet or get in contact with us here today.

Primary energy savings 33.1%
Total efficiency 104.3%
CHPP coefficient 0.43
Fuel Consumption 51.3 kW
Electric output 16kW
Thermal output 37.5kW