The Energimizer Natural Gas Fired CHP EM 22NG has been carefully designed with new technology to help homes and businesses optimise their energy usage while reducing their carbon output. It utilises LPG, natural gas to help produce a thermal output of 51.3kW and primary energy savings of 34.4%. This produces a total annual use efficiency of 107.9%, the thermal efficiency of 75.5% and electric efficiency of 32.4%. And for you, this translates into less wasted energy, lower energy bills and a CHP unit you can trust at all times.

Using patent-pending GSC (gas stream combustion) technology and a modified cylinder head with special gas valve seat washers, this unit is there to support the efforts of your business. The innovative combustion method reduced the chamber size significantly and boosts thermodynamic efficiency to peak standards. A motor oil circulation system increases lubricant volume, reducing wear-and-tear and increasing the time frame between oil changes and related maintenance requirements. Internally, the exhaust gas muffler has been manufactured from V4A stainless steel to reduce deterioration and extend the lifespan of your unit while a noise-dampening hood sits on top to create an ideal option for busy offices or residential properties. With a 5.7″ digital control panel giving you the ability to adjust, monitor and alter your energy usage accordingly, this industry-leading smartblock CHP model is there to support you with your heating and electricity needs.

Energimizer has over 20 years of experience helping businesses and homeowners reduce their carbon output. For more information about this model, download the spec sheet or get in contact with us here today.

Electrical power 11 KWe – 22 KWe
Fuel lpg, Natural gas
Thermal output 51.3kW
Primary energy savings 34.3%
Fuel Consumption 69.1 kW