The Energimizer Natural Gas Fired CHP EM 33NG offers your property an overall efficiency rating of 109%. Utilising state-of-the-art technology, a well-honed design and mains parallel operation, it is there to help your business or residential home reduce carbon usage and move towards a more environmentally-friendly option instead. Sitting within the mini-force-heat coupling CHP range, it is suitable for use in small-medium sized establishments and allows you to achieve optimal thermodynamic efficiency.

At the heart of this smartblock sits its motor, manufactured with smartblock’s new GSC technology (gas stream combustion). This, paired with additional changes from the traditional otto engine including eliminating failure-prone hydraulic tappers and modified cylinder heads with special gas valve seat washers, gives you a unit that will last for many years while providing a 0.45 CHPP coefficient rating. Features like the modified oil system module which reduces the need for excessive oil changes and the V4 stainless steel ARM work to extend its lifespan while the 5.7” digital display screen gives you full control over the management of your heat and electricity. This straight 4-stroke engine is water-cooled and can be connected to virtual power plants using VHP-Ready and net-storm. if required.

At Energimizer, we have over 20 years of experience in the supply and maintenance of energy-efficient and low-carbon solutions to heating and electricity. If you have any questions about this model, download the spec sheet. For more information about CHP systems and whether they’re right for you, get in contact here today.

Electrical power 16kW(e) – 33kW(e)
Thermal output 45.2 kW – 71.6 kW
Thermal efficiency 72.2%
Electrical efficiency 33.3%
Fuel Consumption 99.2 kW
Fuel lpg, Natural gas
CHPP coefficient 0.46