Suitable for small-to-medium-sized businesses and homes, the Energimizer Natural Gas Fire CHP EM 50NG is a low carbon and practical solution for implementing environmental changes. It utilises smartblocks revolutionary technology which reduces the size of the combustion chamber to create uniformity and boost thermodynamic efficiency at the same time. This results in overall efficiency ratings of 109.4% with 36.4% electric efficiency and 73% thermal efficiency at 50kW and with a 40-degree return.

Combining smartblock’s GSC technology with excellent knock resistance, no failure-prone hydraulic tappets and valve clearance settings that can be easily adjusted on rocker levers, these models are an exceptional option. They run off of natural gas with primary energy savings of 37.8% and a CHPP coefficient rating of 0.5. The unique oil system module automatically replenishes the system, increasing the interval between oil changes and reducing the risk of damage over time. The exhaust gas muffler has been manufactured entirely from V4A stainless steel, to reduce the speed of deterioration and absorb vibrations to make the entire process more streamlined. And, a large 5.7″ digital display monitor makes it easy to control and manage your energy usage throughout the day.

Energimizer has over 20 years of experience in the supply and maintenance of specialist CHP systems for clients in both domestic and commercial settings. Sturdy, robust and highly efficient, these models are some of our most popular offerings. For more information, download the spec sheet. To speak to a member of our team about the right CHP unit for your needs, get in contact here today.

Electrical power 25 kWe – 50kWe
Thermal output 60 kW – 94.6 kW
Thermal efficiency 64.4%
Electrical efficiency 34.0%
CHPP coefficient 0.53