The Energimizer Natural Gas Fired CHP EM 7.5NG is a powerful smart block motor, utilising newly developed GSC technology to achieve exceptional thermodynamic efficiency. With a thermal efficiency of up to 72.2% and electrical efficiency of 33.3%, it supports your efforts to move towards a lower carbon and more environmentally-friendly energy solution in your business or home.

This particular model is designed to run on LPG and natural gases with an electrical power requirement of 4KWe (-7.5KWe). It has a freely programmable SPS control system that allows you to adjust, measure and calculate your usage easily, with a fully graphical display shown on a 5.7″ LCD screen. These models are designed to be used permanently and at low speeds with a reduced risk of failure of the hydraulic tappets and a valve clearance setting that can be easily adjusted as required. Enclosed within a highly effective noise dampening hood, you can gain full access to allow for regular maintenance while benefiting from an increased lubrication system and a combination exhaust muffler designed to withstand the demands of commercial properties. At the core of this CHP unit, you’ll find plug-and-play and pre-configured cable harnesses for gas valves, gas pressure monitors and condensate switches alongside a dual circuit cooling system to improve overall performance.

Energimizer has over 20 years of experience supporting end clients and those in the building industry in creating energy-efficient and low carbon solutions to their heating needs. For more information, please download the spec sheet or contact a member of our team here today.

Electrical power 4 KWe -7.5 KWe
Fuel lpg, Natural gas
Thermal efficiency 72.2%
Electrical efficiency 33.3%
Thermal output 14.4kW to 20.5 kW
Primary energy savings 22%
Fuel Consumption 27.5kW