Suitable for larger homes and commercial businesses, the Energimizer Energimizer Natural Gas Fired CHP EM 75NG is a highly efficient CHP solution with an overall efficiency of 88.1%. Offering 204kW fuel consumption, thermal output of 109kW and exhaust emissions at CO <600 mg/Nm³, can help you move toward a less carbon-dependent heating solution. With the backing of patent-pending technology, a 5.7" digital control panel and upgraded features throughout, you'll discover lower heating bills and a more environmentally friendly solution here.

This model has a mains parallel operation with an emergency power function and runs off of natural gas fuel. This allows your property to achieve an energy efficiency rating of A++, translating into an electric efficiency of 35.8% and a thermal efficiency of 66.7%. Using smartblock’s newly developed GSC technology (gas stream combustion), it can achieve the highest levels of thermodynamic efficiency paired with excellent knock resistance and several features to reduce wear and tear over time. A new oil system module replenishes the system continuously with motor oil, increasing the internal required between changes and ensuring parts remain fully lubricated as they work. And, to reduce excessive noise pollution, it is entirely enclosed within a highly effective noise-dampening hood that can be easily lifted for access when required.

Backed by well-honed and intelligent technology, this CHP EM unit supports you in finding a more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly option for heating and electricity. Energimizer has over 20 years of experience supplying models such as this to our end clients. For more information, download the spec sheet or get in contact with us here today.

Electrical power 33 KWe – 70 KWe
Thermal output 109 kW
Fuel Natural gas
Efficiency 88.1%
Flow temperature max 85° C
Return temperature max 65° C
Fuel Consumption 204 kW
Exhaust emission at CO <600 mg/Nm ³