Manufactured by the Italian company, ESPE, the ESPE 50 KWE provides a renewable solution for small-to-medium sized businesses when it comes to heating and power production. This micro-cogeneration system utilises virgin wood chips as biomass fuel for gasification. The subsequent gas fuel produced is then used to power the unit, enabling the production of both electricity and thermal energy for heating. It can also be used within the otto cycle engine to maximise efficiency up to 90%.

Suitable for a range of different businesses, this model has been designed to provide the best output with the lowest quantity of wood chips. As well as regenerating previously wasted heat and utilising this to create additional energy, you are further able to minimise fuel requirements and ensure your investment returns at a quicker rate. Biomass CHP units, such as the ESPE CHiP50 are recognised for generating a cleaner level of gas products in comparison with other heavy hydrocarbons as well as offering the most versatility with the choice of biomass fuel. Wood chips provide a carbon-neutral solution that is safe to store and the ability to provide up to 7500 hours of thermal and electrical energy per year as well as net electrical productivity of 337.5MWhe.

Energimizer strives to bring our clients the most versatile and technologically advanced CHP methods to help move them towards a low-carbon and energy-efficient heating system. For more information about this biomass-based micro-cogeneration system, download the spec sheet or get in contact with our team here today.

Technical Specifications

Cogenerator * Gasifier*
Technolgy Otto-cycle internal combustion engine with direct drive three-phase alternator Type of Gasifier Downdraft
Engine Features Liquid-cooled Height 3180 mm
Fuel Syngas from wood chips Base Width 1214 mm
Height 1500 mm Length 5800 mm
Width 1000 mm Weight 2500 kg
Length 2300 mm Capacity Power Chips M10 49 kg/s
Engine Capacity 12.000 cm3 Average Flow Syngas Generated> 0.036 kg/s
Number of Cylinders n°6 PCI Average Syngas (if PCI chips = 18 M / KG) 3.5:4 Mj/kg
Number of revolutions 1500 g/min Average efficiency of Gasification >75%
Gross Electric Power 49 kWe Ash Produced max 5% by weight of the chips input
Number of Phases 4 con accensione a candela Ash removal Automatic
Operating Volts 415 V Wood Chips loading Automatic
Output 75 A Operation Temperature 1100 °C
cos PHI 0.98
Noise Level 90 db
Gross Thermal Power 110 kWt

The cogenerator is suitable for supplying power networks in compliance with the CE10012 regulations. Emissions in compliance with attachment X of Legislative Decree 152/2006.

The data refer to the machines supplied in standard configuration of the frame. However, it is also avaialble in the configuration encasing. * All the described data refer to fir wood chips with the following features: Max. Particle size of wood chips: P 50 main fraction 3.15mm < P < 50mm, min 80%; fine fraction < 1mm, max 5%; thick fraction >50mm, max 1%.