Here at Energimizer, we’ve been supporting businesses to discover renewable, low carbon and sustainable energy-saying systems for over 20 years. Combined heat and power systems remain one of the most popular options, with a growing recognition that has expanded substantially over the years. But, what is CHP? And how could it impact your business?

What is CHP?

CHP stands for combined heat and power. It is an energy-efficient technology designed to help reduce waste and optimise financial savings for businesses. The heat released during the electricity generation process is, instead, captured and utilised to help heat the water in a property. Instead of wasting this energy, businesses can optimise the efficiency of their systems. In some cases, efficiency levels can rise from 50% to 90%. And this translates into reduced heating bills and a smaller carbon footprint too.

What are the benefits?

The main reason why CHP systems are so favoured is their sustainable nature. They make use of renewable fuels, including natural gases and biomass, and support businesses in making big savings on their bills. Other benefits include:

  • Heightened fuel use efficiency.
  • Operates entirely off the grid so offers more security and independence.
  • A reduction in a businesses impact on the environment.
  • Variety of funding options available for affordable repayment schemes.
  • Support from trained and professional contractors.
  • The ability to claim back Capital Allowances in certain settings.
  • Exemption from the Climate Control Levy.
  • Supports Carbon Legislation Compliance in the construction industry.
  • Available with a variety of fuel options, including biomass, biogas and natural gas.

Are there any disadvantages?

As with everything, there are situations where a CHP unit will not be suited to a business. The initial technology comes with a large initial investment cost. Over time, this will be made back in the energy savings and eventually result in a full ROI. And, there are a number of payment plans and funding options to help businesses spread this cost more affordably. It also pays to remember that CHP units are best used in high-demand settings, such as hospitals, schools and leisure settings. If you’re utilising less than 4000 hours of heat or energy per year, it’s unlikely you’ll achieve the savings required with these systems.

At Energimizer, we have a team of experienced and professional CHP experts to support your business. We provide full site surveys, allowing us to assess the requirements and come back to you with the optimal solution. Get in contact today to learn how combined heating and power could benefit your business.