CHiP50 is our Wood Gas Combined heat and power Unit Manufactured by Espe group Italy.

Most Suited to to small and medium-size businesses that require a renewable energy plant producing power and heat .

Fuel -Wood chip required is G30 or G50 Ideally screened to remove pins and fines and dried to blow 10 % moisture content

The system can be broken into two sections

  1. Gasification
  2. Heat and power generation

Process-(1) the dry wood chip is loaded into the gasification unit, Pyrolysis occurs under very high temp and a controlled amount of air with the result of gas being produced, After, being cooled and cleaned the gas is then piped to the Combined heat and power Generator (2) an Engine with a generator produces a heat output of 120 kwt and 50 kwe power Generation.

The system is designed to obtain the highest possible output with a minimum quantity of fuel (wood chips), decisively reducing wastes and optimizing the return on the investment.

Every single CHiP50 component is designed, tested and assembled in-house, and is the result of forty years of experience in the design and construction of electrical and energy systems. Furthermore, prior to delivery, Each Unit has the general functioning of the co-generator and verify the correctness of the electrical, mechanical and safety parameters.

ESPE 50 KWE H2 Ready