Combined heat and power systems are one of the best ways to optimise energy usage in your business or at home. When sized and used correctly, they can result in considerable reductions in heating bills while helping to reduce waste and providing a renewable solution that fits your corporate requirements. At Energimizer, we have over 20 years of experience supporting our clients in finding the right CHP systems for their needs. And, in this guide, we’ll go over the key aspects to focus on when it comes to selecting the optimal system for your needs too.

Why Choose A CHP System?

CHP systems are continuing to gain popularity, as many watch mainstream energy bills soar through the roof. An increased dependence on mains electricity as well as an increase in demand has seen businesses struggling with high energy bills and little means to effectively manage these. Some businesses, including leisure centres, are ill-prepared to minimise these bills through their everyday procedures.

For example, swimming pools that are accessible throughout the day need to be appropriately heated otherwise the company will likely take a hit on their customer service and brand loyalty.

CHP systems provide a practical and well-proven solution to these issues. These powerful machines use the by-product from electrification to heat a property and/or provide hot water continuously. This reduces your dependence on the mains electrical source, significantly cuts down on excessive waste and, as a result, gives you more control over the bills you need to pay. Combined heat and power systems have also been shown to reduce carbon emissions for businesses by up to 30% when compared to conventional generation.

The savings here can be significant – in some cases resulting in £1,000s saved over a single year. And, if you consider a biomass CHP system, you also reduce the cost of fuel and create more sustainable, clean and high-quality energy that lessens your impact on the environment.

Businesses That Should Consider CHP Systems

CHP systems come in a range of sizes, which we will discuss in more detail later on. However, in all capacities, they can produce significant benefits for businesses within different sectors and industries.

Those that are highly dependent on electricity and heat at the same time or in closely located buildings will see the largest savings if CHP systems are implemented correctly.

For Example:

  • Leisure Centres – The continuous demand for hot water to heat swimming pools, ample ventilation to support visitors and readily available equipment for gyms results in high electricity usage.
  • Hospitals – A continual stream of visitors and patients requires access to hot water, heating and electricity – sometimes in life or death situations.
  • Universities – A high dependency on computer, equipment and machinery access can place a significant demand on heating bills.
  • Hotels – Access to hot water and heating is vital for ensuring the comfort and safety of all guests.
  • Commercial Greenhouses – With the livelihood of these businesses dependent on consistent and regular environments, greenhouses will benefit greatly from more accessible energy availability.
  • Industrial Businesses – Those companies within the manufacturing sectors can see profits and productivity increase.

Your Options For CHP Systems

The best way to identify the right CHP system for your business is always to work with a seasoned professional, such as our team at Energimizer. There is a range of options using specialist technology and it is vital that you have access to the right-sized and developed model for you, to get the best results.

There are 4 main types of CHP systems:

  • Packaged CHP
  • Custom-built CHP
  • Micro CHP
  • Renewables CHP

Packaged CHP

As the name suggests, Packaged CHP systems are designed and supplied as complete units. Similar to the Smartblock models we have here at Energimizer, they are easily connected to your building’s main electricity and heating systems. This makes them easy to install and requires less training to manage over a period of time than bespoke models.

Custom-built CHP

In specialist environments, custom-built CHP systems are designed and manufactured to fit your exacting specifications. They are ideal for very high demand environments or systems that require specific technologies and turbine systems. These units are typically more efficient as they are designed individually for your business but may require more intricate installation or disruption to your business at first.

There may also be additional training required to maintain and manage the system on a day-to-day basis.

Micro CHP

Micro CHP systems use the same technology but on a smaller scale making them ideal for residential properties. They are largely designed to directly replace domestic boilers and can provide an electrical capacity of 2kWe or less. These machines provide homeowners with the potential to save significantly on their utility bills as well as avoid disruption associated with mains grid losses and operate quietly at all times too.

Renewables CHP

For those looking for sustainable, low-cost and energy-efficient energy solutions, renewable CHP systems use a variety of fuel options including solid biomass (wood chips), liquid biomass (bioethanol or biodiesel) or gaseous biomass (biogas or synthesis gas).

Why Is Sizing Important For CHP Systems?

CHP systems have the potential to help homeowners and businesses save significantly on their energy bills. However, your individual solution must be sized appropriately to see the biggest benefits. There is a fine balance between meeting your demand and ensuring that surplus heat energy can be exported without being decoupled.

Machines need to be tailored to accommodate varying demands, including whether the demand remains high for a period of time or whether it is inconsistent and dependent on several variables.

Working with a specialist, such as our experienced teams here at Energimizer, ensures you can design or select the right CHP system to fit your needs. For more information about our Smartblocks, download our brochure here. Or, get in contact if you would like to speak to one of us here today.