When deciding whether a CHP system is a right solution for your business, understanding the options is a vital first step. Packaged CHP systems remain a popular choice, providing everything you need to make sure of wasted energy in a convenient and pre-constructed package. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about these heating solutions to help you decide whether it’s the right option.

What is a packaged CHP system?

As the name suggests, packaged CHP systems are designed and manufactured externally before being delivered to the desired location. They are made to the exacting specifications of the client, ensuring they are capable of keeping up with demand and integrating into existing systems. Many packaged solutions require minimal professional support during installation and are accompanied by maintenance and service packages from the provider too. They can be constructed to suit size restrictions and to incorporate the required technology in the right configuration.

Depending on which manufacturer you go with will depend on what features you get with your CHP system. Some will work to compact measurements, providing you with a solution that fits into reduced spaces. However, in this instance, there may be issues with maintenance and servicing due to the tight layout of components. Others will design specifically for easy access, prioritising the need to solve potential issues in the future over achieving the smallest package. To find the right solution for you, it pays to work with professionals and understand your needs as a business initially.

What is included in one?

Depending on the type of fuel required by your business to produce power, packaged CHP systems generally come with:

  • A prime mover (gas engine, small gas turbine or fuel cell).
  • An alternator.
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Control panel.
  • Related pipework, valves and controls.
  • A steel structure.
  • Protective enclosure.

The tailored design of these systems works to ensure that all components can work at full capacity while unwanted elements, including noise pollution, is kept to a minimum. For modern options, a control panel is generally located on the outside of the enclosure, allowing you to adjust the consumption as needed.

What are the benefits?

There are many reasons why a business may choose to opt for a pre-packaged CHP solution, including:

  • Heightened quality control.
  • Quick and supported installation.
  • Minimal preparation works required.
  • Delivered ready for offloading and positioning.
  • Can connect with your existing system.
  • Designed to meet the requirements of every site.
  • Contains all components required – no risk of missing pieces during installation.
  • Can be designed in a multitude of configurations to suit your location.
  • Designed for easy maintenance and servicing.
  • Cost-effective alternative to fully bespoke solutions

Packaged CHP systems are some of the most popular solutions when it comes to upgrading and prioritising ROI.

What are the installation requirements?

As we mentioned above, little preparation is needed before installing a packaged CHP system. To have one installed, you will need:

  • A suitable location for installation which can accommodate the CHP system’s load and has good access (ideally inside your building).
  • Good access around the package to support maintenance (ideally, 1m around all 4 sides).
  • Pipework connection with covered access duct of pipe supports.
  • Access to the building’s existing electrical distribution system.
  • Proper ventilation for the exhaust system to discharge outside of the building.
  • Access to the building’s hot water supply system. This is how most packaged solutions are able to capture and supply the excess heat created.

The exact needs for your individual system will depend on the manufacturer and your location requirements.

Can packaged CHP systems save you money?

Combined heat and power systems are established as some of the most cost-efficient, sustainable and environmentally-friendly options on the market. Whether packaged or designed bespoke, they utilise waste to generate additional power and provide hot water. The process can increase efficiency up to 80% from the 50% generally associated with traditional alternatives. These systems significantly reduce running costs, ensuring you can make full use of more energy produced. They reduce carbon emissions, supporting your businesses sustainability goals and can bring an ROI in as little as 2 years.

Estimates show that CHP users can achieve a saving of approximately 20% on their overall costs – which, for high demand businesses, can equate to thousands.

What are the cost implications?

As with developing and updating any heating system in a large-scale business, there is a significant investment to be made when choosing to switch to CHP. The ones who will benefit from this substantially are those within heavy-demand sectors, including industrial, leisure and hospitality industries. These settings have a continual need for reliable and available hot water and energy in high quantities. For example, the ability to heat a swimming pool for public use has a direct impact on customer services and brand advocacy.

Equally, those businesses looking to place sustainability and an environmental focus at the forefront of their corporate model will also see the benefits in investing in these newer technologies.

How can Energimizer help?

With over two decades of experience, Energimizer has a highly experienced and professional team on hand to support your renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy needs. By producing our own engines that modulate the electrical power output to match a site’s electrical consumption, we can help significantly reduce carbon expenses while providing reliable power for your everyday needs. We include live monitoring controls and remote solutions to help with the management of these systems as well as the ability to monitor faults or conditions with ease.

Combined heat and power is slowly becoming the heating technology of choice for many businesses. And, as more and more begin to recognise its benefits, we’re here to find the right solutions alongside our partner, Kw Energie in Germany. If you would like to find out more, contact us today or request a site survey, we’re here to help.