At Energimizer, our CHP partner, Kw Energie, is one of the leading CHP suppliers throughout Britain. With a range of tailored packages, thermal stores, buffer vessels and support on both sizing systems and G99 applications, we’re here to support commercial and end clients in reducing energy costs and lowering carbon emissions daily. Our CHP products circulate around smartblock® motors with newly developed technology and heightened efficiency. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about these sturdy and reliable systems.

What Is a Smartblock Motor?

Manufactured by KW Energie and forming part of their ground-breaking technology portfolio, smartblocks allow you to produce both electricity and heat from a single unit. Reducing space requirements for installation, focusing on exceptional construction and engineering details has boosted performance characteristics, minimised noise emissions and guaranteed reliability for all users.

Key Features

While CHP technology is by no means new, the heightened design and construction focus on our smartblock motors has made them some of the most reliable and highly utilised in the industry.

Modular Design

The KW Energie smartblocks are available in a variety of configurations to suit your required energy consumption. This expands the ability of different sized properties and businesses to benefit from CHP technology. Larger units can be utilised in multi-residential blocks as well as companies with very high energy-consumption requirements, such as leisure centres and public swimming pools.

Extensively Tested

With over a quarter of a century in the industry, smartblocks have been installed in over 4,000 locations to date. With this experience, they have the backing of assurance and have helped corporations of all shapes and sizes benefit from sustainable energy solutions.

Honed Design Specifications

Every component within the Kw Energie smartblock has been designed and perfected to improve performance. For example, the generators used in grid parallel mode have a simple design that slows down the process of wear and tear while utilising redundant thermal energy as an additional heat source. The materials used are chosen for their robust nature, allowing for the versatile use of different fuels without damage. An automatic oil circulation system replenishes motor oil, controlling its circulation and filtering it to prevent contamination. An integrated exhaust gas heat exchanger model helps to reduce the dimensions of each smartblock while making it easier to service and supporting small-scale repairs, as necessary.

Easy to Control

To improve efficiency, the right smartblock must be set up and used correctly in each location. These machines allow generator power and performance to be controlled by a central cabinet that sits within the body of the CHP unit. With pre-configured connection cables for the gas valve, gas pressure monitor and the condensate switches, and with the starter battery in a separate container, it can be easily accessed to make alterations or troubleshoot quickly.

GSC Technology

All KW Energie smartblocks utilise GSC (gas stream combustion) technology. This innovative combustion method allows for complete flaming inside the combustion chamber. The uniformity of this combustion and the thermodynamic efficiency allows you to reach peak standards and is unlike anything else on the market today. With a patent-pending with the German Patenting and Trademark Agency, GSC technology provides a host of benefits against conventional Otto engines. For example, GSC technology:

  • Has a higher thermodynamic efficiency.
  • Has a reduced knock resistance.
  • Can be used permanently at lower speeds.
  • Includes hydraulic tappets that are not failure-prone.
  • Allows for industrial-grade spark plugs.
  • Offers near constant efficiency over a wide performance range.

Benefits of Smartblock Motors

CHP smartblock motors are designed to benefit both commercial and residential environments in a multitude of ways.

Reduced Size

Smartblock motors have a compact design while allowing for the same high-quality technology to be used in a smaller unit. This makes it more accessible for different businesses and clients to benefit from renewable energy without requiring excessive space availability.


Accessible control boards and power switching cabinets have a plug-and-play configuration that makes it easy to connect gas valves, gas pressure monitors, condensate switches and charging pumps alongside other sockets needed for external sensors.

Reduced Maintenance

Integrated gas filters and specialist features clean our dirt particles to reduce internal damage and minimise the need for non-scheduled maintenance. Additional features, including vibration-absorption stainless steel compensators, damping filler wool and ASM’s are manufactured from V4A stainless steel to reduce premature deterioration. And, the unique motor oil circulation system replenishes the system, increasing the required intervals between oil changes and keeping the entire unit lubricated to prevent damage.

Reduce Noise Pollution

The entire smartblock unit is contained within a noise dampening hood. Manufactured from rugged and durable materials, it is also easy to remove. This helps to minimise distraction during running times while also allowing access during required maintenance or adjustment periods.

What Smartblocks Are Available?

As with any HVAC system, choosing the right size unit with the appropriate capacity will improve efficiency. At Energimizer, we have a number of CHP units from Kw Energie to suit your needs.

Tap any of the links below to learn more about the following models:

At Energimizer, we have a specialist team of experienced engineers on hand to ensure you identify the right CHP unit for your needs. From individual residential properties through to large scale leisure centres, multi-residential new builds or commercial settings, smartblock units have the versatility and durability to offer energy-saving benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about the Kw Energie smartblocks, download the brochure here today. Or, to speak to a member of our team about your specific requirements, please do get in contact with us here today.