CHP Systems (combined heat and power) have been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few decades with businesses becoming more aware of their many benefits. Specifically for industries that have a high power demand regularly, they offer a host of benefits that far exceed the traditional heating methods originally used. The leisure industry, for example, is one such industry that is heavily reliant on a consistent and reliable supply of heat and electricity.

And, therefore, it comes as no surprise that so many businesses within this realm find themselves turning to CHP as a viable, sustainable and suitable solution.

Energy Demands For The Leisure Sector

When we consider some of the many facilities available in most leisure centres, it’s easy to see why energy consumption within this industry is so high. Large swimming pools with movable floors, constantly plugged in/available machinery in gyms and appropriate ventilation all add up to bring the running bills for these businesses to high levels. While the possibility of reducing these demands can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction, one way to reduce these costs can be to consider alternative heating and power solutions – such as CHP systems.

How To Reduce Energy Bills With CHP

Research from the Carbon Trust found that improving energy consumption by as little as 10% could see leisure centres saving an accumulative £70 million per annum while also cutting carbon emissions significantly. CHP systems are designed to optimise energy production, making use of the originally wasted by-product and utilising it as heat throughout a building. They effectively reduce businesses consumption from the mains electricity, allowing them to generate more energy in an efficient manner.

However, to achieve these financial benefits, a CHP unit must be designed and manufactured to suit the individual needs of the leisure facility. By implementing one as the primary source of heat and hot water, you can achieve a constant heating load that allows the unit to run full time and maximises savings. Considering biomass or natural gas CHP systems can reduce the cost of fuel while also supporting your business in its efforts to be more sustainable and environmentally-aware too.

How Can Energimizer Help Your Leisure Business?

At Energimizer, we have over 20 years and a highly experienced team who can help support your business in finding a low-carbon, sustainable and renewable CHP energy-saving system. With our partner, Kw Energie, you’ll have access to leasing CHP units and advice. For more information and to speak to one of our specialists today, please do get in contact here.