A heightened awareness of our impact on the environment and the UK government calling for business to take action has resulted in CHP systems’ rise to popularity. As a nation, we’re looking for ways to continue running the machinery and enterprises that we’ve established in a way that is kinder to the environment. And, one of the key factors we’re striving to find is renewable energy. So, are combined heat and power solutions the right options for this?

What is renewable energy?

To establish the need, let’s look at what renewable energy is. Also known as ‘clean energy’, this term refers to the energy that is generated from natural sources or processes that are constantly being replenished. This includes sources such as sunlight/thermal power as well as wind/turbine power. For many years, these have been utilised in a multitude of ways, from sailing across the sea to warming water outside. And today, as we become more away from the fragility of our planet, there is an increased demand to find ways to utilize renewable power in our businesses and homes.

Benefits of renewable energy

There are many reasons why natural energy sources are favourable, including:

  • Reduced air pollution from less greenhouse gas emissions of fossil fuels.
  • Reduced dependency on imported fuels.
  • The ability to help diversify the supply of energy across our planet.
  • The creation of additional jobs in manufacturing, installation and development.

So, is CHP a form of renewable energy?

The technology that stands behind CHP can use a variety of fuel types. This includes standard fossil fuels but also means that businesses can benefit from options such as natural gas, biomass, biogas and LPG. Additionally, the process of reusing waste heat and transferring this into thermal energy that can be used to heat water also creates a renewable system.

At Energimizer, we’ve put 20 years of experience and dedication into helping businesses find the right CHP solutions for their business. Taking an active step to help reduce carbon emissions, save clients money on energy bills and provide solutions to improve efficiency are just some of the reasons we’re continuing this passion today. If you would like to speak to a member of our team or book a site survey to discuss your project in more detail, get in contact via our website here.