Combined heat and power (CHP) is a technology that generates electricity and thermal energy simultaneously from a single fuel source.

We can provide CHP services in London to help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint. CHP can be used in various settings, from large industrial and commercial applications to small-scale domestic installations.

In London, we have experience working with CHP in all settings.

The Advantages of CHP Systems

There are many advantages to using CHP systems, including:

  • Reduced Energy Costs – CHP systems generate electricity and heat from a single fuel source and can be up to 30% more efficient than traditional power methods. This means that you could save money on your energy bills.
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions – as CHP systems are more efficient, they also produce fewer carbon emissions. This can help you to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and play your part in tackling climate change.
  • Increased Security Of Supply – by generating your electricity, you can be less reliant on the national grid. This can be particularly advantageous during periods of high demand when there is a risk of blackouts.
  • Flexibility – CHP systems can be designed to meet your specific needs. For example, they can be configured to provide power during peak times and switch to providing heat during off-peak times.

Sectors We Serve

In an industry known for high energy requirements, our CHP technology has been utilised in several hotels to provide a cost-effective alternative that decreases usage expenses and lowers energy expenditures.

CHP is quite successful in minimising this costly demand. Colleges, schools, universities, hospitals, and assisted living facilities have benefited from our sustainable CHP systems, allowing for more significant long-term savings and reduced energy demands.

If your sector is not documented below, don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can figure out the best solution for your particular requirements and industry since there is always a technology to match any sector. Our staff will take care of all design and installation to ensure a hassle-free experience that reduces your energy consumption footprint.

  • Hotels
  • Leisure Centres
  • Care Homes
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • High-Density Housing
  • Industrial
  • Retail

Our specialists will lead you through the complete process of assessing your business requirements and selecting the best solution for your sector.

Our Services

Site Survey

Our site survey process is comprehensive and efficient, and our team of experts will work with you at every step to ensure your needs are met. Our goal is to provide a customised solution that meets your needs and helps you save money.

Our Products

CHP Products

CHP products offer several benefits for businesses, including reduced carbon emissions and lower energy costs. With our range of products, you can find the perfect CHP system for your needs. Our experts will work with you to develop a custom package that meets your specific requirements, and we’ll provide complete project management and technical support for your installation. Thanks to our smartblock motors, you can enjoy maximum performance and energy savings for your business.

ESPE Products

Wood gas systems are a viable renewable energy option for small and medium-sized businesses.

The CHiP50 system produces power and heat, is fuel-efficient, and has a low environmental impact. The system can be broken into two sections: gasification and heat and power generation.

The dry wood chip is loaded into the gasification unit, and pyrolysis occurs under very high temperatures, producing gas. After being cooled and cleaned, the gas is piped to the combined heat and power generator.

For more information about this biomass-based micro-cogeneration system, contact our team today.

Case Studies for London and Surrounding Areas

We have a range of CHP case studies in London and the surrounding areas.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information about any of these case studies or want to discuss your project.

CHP Installation and Maintenance Services in London

We offer a total installation and maintenance service for CHP systems in London. Our team can advise you on the type of system for your needs and then install it to the highest standards. We also offer a maintenance service to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

How We Can Help

At Energimizer, we are experienced in working with CHP systems in London. We can help you to choose the right system for your needs and install it quickly and efficiently.

Contact us today to learn more about our CHP services in London.