Combined heat and power systems have long established themselves as being a viable solution for commercial settings. However, property developers and residential homes can also reap these benefits through the use of micro-CHP boilers. In today’s blog, we’ll explain what these units are, how they differ from standard boilers and why they may be the best option for you today.

What is a Micro-CHP boiler?

If we first consider that CHP is the process of turning excess, originally wasted heat from the electrical generation process into usable thermal energy, we can then look at Micro-CHP boilers. These units are specifically designed to meet the requirement in domestic settings or in individual buildings. They use the same technology, generating both heat and electricity at the same time. Typically, these units produce more heat than they do electricity, allowing homeowners to gain more control over their heating and thermal usage.

How do they work?

Using the fuel of your choice (mains gas, LPG or biodiesel), they extract the heat energy that would normally be released. Using fuel cell technology draws this energy out at a chemical level – before it has been burnt through. A steam reformed then converts the methane in this gas into both carbon dioxide and hydrogen. This hydrogen, in this equation, reacts with said oxygen to produce the required technology.

How do they differ from standard boilers?

The main difference is the fact that micro-CHP units will generate both electricity and heating at the same time. This improves efficiency and significantly reduces energy consumption. Both standard and micro designs are similar designs and can be either mounted on the wall or remain floor-standing.

Benefits of micro-CHP boilers

Outside of their ability to produce two forms of energy, micro-CHP boilers also:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by generating electricity on-site.
  • Are easy to install – near on identical to that of standard boilers.
  • Have similar maintenance and service fees to normal boilers.
  • Offers payment for exported energy that qualifies on the system.

Choosing to prioritise your environmental focus and reduce household bills are just some of the reasons why homeowners are switching to micro-CHP units. As experts in this industry, the team here at Energimizer are on hand to provide guidance and advice to suit your individual needs. Get in contact to speak to one of us here today.