The Smartblock Cloud is a new service that you can use to access and manage your Smartblocks from any device. You’ll always know the state of your CHP, no matter where in the world it’s located!

What Is the Smartblock Cloud?

As a business professional, you’re probably intrigued by the idea of securing your company’s data and monitoring its health. That’s why companies such as yours may be interested in Smartblock – an innovative digital tool that securely archives, analyses and visualises CHP operation. The web application thus serves as a control instrument for the customer who can gain insight into his CHP systems, while being able to use it for maintenance or repair work due to problems detected earlier than traditional methods would have been capable of picking up.

How Does the Smartblock Cloud Work?

In order to take advantage of the smartblock cloud service, one must first install a SiteManager LAN. Every Site manager that is connected has an encrypted tunnel to the database server in the smartblock cloud which updates operating data automatically at 5-minute intervals.

Which CHPs Can Be Integrated Into the Smartblock Cloud?

The SiteManager has a wide array of features, and it can be retrofitted into an existing LAN or mobile. This will allow all CHP (smartblocks) to integrate together with the help of software updates only if you’re still using TCP mode for your object control system.

Who Can Use the Smartblock Cloud?

Creating accounts and companies has never been easier! You can create additional users and assign them the appropriate access rights to all or certain CHP units with just a few clicks.

Normally these would be your own members of staff but also customers and other people who need permission with large amounts of sensitive data without it being a problem since you have control over them through this process.

How Can the Smartblock Cloud Be Accessed?

The smartblock cloud is seamlessly integrated with your data, so you can access it from any device (PC, MAC, Tablet or Smartphone) without having to worry about compatibility.

What Can the Smartblock Cloud Do?

This product is a major advancement in data management with an easy-to-manage desktop interface that integrates all operations modes. Freely adaptable design, pre-defined views, and the ability to filter and search results make this software package really stand out. Additional benefits include tabular display of all relevant operating modes, extensive table sorting functions, clear graphic schematic “Current measurement values”, modifiable line chart “Trend measurement values” (up to eight measurement values in freely definable periods).

Smartblock provides a centralising and comprehensive overview of your business’s key data. With trend lines, counter values, alerts, and easy messaging to never miss an update or important message again. Managing multiple products is made easier through easily identifiable user rights administration.

Which Functions Are Still Planned for the Smartblock Cloud?

Many additional functions are currently being planned, including but restricted to: switching counter values (counts, period or total), running time graphic (incidents of course of time) service reports (daily reports for service technicians with information on pending maintenance work and current faults and connection issues. Fault messages can be sent out as email with extensive details about internal/external incidents. Evaluation is also a potential function that will help streamline processing even more than before.

Where Can I See the Smartblock Cloud?

As a business, you will find that the demo is very useful. It includes three CHP units to illustrate how they function and it can be shared with your customers for unlimited use without access data!

Here is the link to the demo version of the cloud:

Smartblock Cloud Demo

Click here for the cloud:

Smartblock Cloud


If you’re looking for a way to make your business more efficient and profitable, it might be time to consider the smartblock cloud. The platform provides an easy-to-use system that connects all of your physical assets with any software applications or systems in use by your company. This makes managing every aspect of your operations much simpler than before because everything is organised into one place so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out where things are located on a map just to find them again later when they’re needed. And since this type of storage doesn’t rely on traditional servers, there’s no need for high power consumption like what comes along with data centres which means energy bills stay low and productivity stays up!