Combined heat and power systems have been around for many years.

Depending on the requirements of each organisation, they can be run on either fossil fuels or renewable fuels. As the focus on reducing greenhouse emissions and our carbon footprint increases, those fuelled by biogas, RNG (renewable natural gas) or hydrogen blends are becoming increasingly popular.

Specifically, hydrogen is being hailed as the future by many experts. So, what are the benefits?

And, is it time for you to switch to an alternative fuel source this year?

Traditional Fuels for CHP

Over the years, combined heat and power systems have been fuelled by the most abundant sources of the time.

Traditionally, this was coal and oil alongside natural gas (an odourless mix of hydrocarbons including methane). Our awareness of the impact that emissions from these sources emit into the atmosphere has seen a shift towards renewable and lower-carbon alternatives including:

  • Biogas – Produced during the breakdown of organic matter.
  • RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) – Also derived from organic matter.
  • Biomethane – Produced by biogas upgraders removing CO2 from biogas.
  • Hydrogen Fuel

Biogas and RNG are both widely used in a number of different systems. This is because of their ease of transportation. Both can be delivered to the end location along the existing pipe works. For the end organisation, this reduces costs and improves efficiency.

Benefits Of Hydrogen Fuel

Of the fuels mentioned above, it is hydrogen that is the end of much discussion within the CHP sector. While it is not yet a suitable option for long-term or critical use, this fuel can:

  • Help to further reduce emissions.
  • Provide cost-effective solutions for businesses.

There are also 3 main types of hydrogen – blue, grey and green.

Green hydrogen is generated during the electrolysis process in water. Using renewable sources produces no carbon emissions – therefore is a viable solution to helping organisations cut their own output into the world.

The estimate is that, when hydrogen fuel can be properly transported and utilised throughout industrial and commercial fields, it will ensure continued production of the required energy with less fuel input.

Here at Energimizer, we sit at the forefront of environmentally friendly combined heat and power systems that support renewable, low-carbon and sustainable advancements for our clients.

To learn more about the CHP smartblocks that we supply, or to speak to a member of the team about your choice of fuel options, please do get in contact here today.