Biomass CHP is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to mains energy for businesses. These systems are capable of producing both heat and power on-site at the same time, reducing waste and improving efficiency. For many businesses, they offer the chance to save money and align with goals to reduce their carbon footprint. Here at Energimizer, we offer ESPE CHiP50 units, manufactured by Espe group Italy. And, to get the best out of these models, we recommend using a G30 or G50 wood chip.

How Does Biomass CHP Work?

First, let’s take a look at how biomass combined heat and power systems work:

  1. The wood chips (which have been blow-dried to below 10% moisture content) are loaded into the gasification unit.
  2. Here, a process called pyrolysis occurs. This is the decomposition of materials at very high temperatures within an inert (chemically inactive) environment.
  3. This process produces syngas which are cooled and cleaned.
  4. The syngas moves through the CHP unit, into the spark ignition internal combustion engine. Here, the power produces drives a generator, creating power.
  5. The excess heat let off by the engine cooling system is then captured and used to heat water or space, depending on your needs.

Biomass CHP units are manufactured to suit the needs of the client. Many are small enough to sit within containers and be used by smaller commercial buildings.

Why G30 and G50 Wood Chips?

To get the best out of your CHP unit, we recommend using either G30 or G50 wood chips. The 30 and 50 here refer to the average size as well as the maximum moisture content. These will minimise the risk of clogged fuel feeds and allow the boiler to burn efficiently. The biomass used to power our ESPE CHiP 50 cogeneration units should be virgin wood chippings and meet the European standards CEN/TS 14961:2005 for biofuel, including:

  • Maximum moisture content of 10%.
  • A Lower Calorific Value (LCV) of 18 MJ/Kh.
  • Type of tree: broadleaf or conifer or combination (excluding fast-growing woody plants).
  • Particle size: P50.

The best places to source G30 and G50 wood chip that has already been screened to remove pins are:

  • From sawmill processing waste within the woodworking industry.
  • Forest timber production and forest management.

While you can access chips from forestry waste too this will need to be dried to reduce moisture content from an average of 40% down to the required 10%.

Here at Energimizer, we specialise in bringing you the best and most sustainable CHP systems for your business. Our ESPE products can be viewed on our website and you can download a brochure with further details digitally here. To speak to a member of our experienced team for more information, please get in contact with us today.