Sustainable heating solutions for both residential and commercial properties are the requirements of many construction companies and building designers in this modern age. Micro combined heat and power systems, also known as Micro-CHP provides a practical and effective solution. But, for many of us who are just starting out in the research stage, the abundance of jargon and heating terms can make the entire process a challenge. In today’s blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about micro combined heat and power.

What Are Micro-CHP Systems?

Micro-CHP is the term coined for combined heat and power systems. These unique systems, designed for sustainability, generate both usable electricity and heat at the same time. They actively reduce energy waste but utilising the heat produced when burning fuel to generate electricity. This improves the efficiency of the entire combustion process and reduces emissions – both minimising the impact our heating requirements are having on the environment.

Micro-CHP systems are ideal for small-to-mid-sized properties. Larger, industrial-scale systems can be produced for businesses using the same technology but scaled to suit the thermal requirements.

Where Are They Commonly Used?

The versatility of CHP systems allows them to be used in both residential and commercial environments. For houses and new builds, they are built into boilers that take up no more space in your home than conventional options. Because they can be powered with a variety of fuels, both fossil and renewable-based, they are a popular choice for many homes. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, biofuel is a renewable and environmentally friendly alternative to diesel. There are also wood chip powered models, like the CHiP50 unit which utilised G30 or G50 wood chips for a clean and eco-friendly alternative.

Benefits of Micro-CHP Systems

Choosing a micro-CHP system comes with a host of benefits for you as a homeowner and the environment. They allow you to optimise on efficiency, reducing wastage and making use of heat that would originally be dispersed out into the atmosphere. Improving efficiency also reduces carbon emissions and means that you could be exempt from the Climate Change Levy.

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