Energimizer combined heat and power is an engine that modulates the electrical power output to match the site’s electrical consumption. At the same time, the heat generated in the engine block is distributed into the heating system, radiators, underfloor heating, domestic hot water, etc. The engine, when operated on natural gas, is approximately 4-5 times cheaper per kwh than power generated from the grid. Significant carbon savings are achieved as power generated at the source does not suffer grid power transmission losses. The engine can be configured with a range of power outputs from 10 MW down to nearly zero.

Our engines bristle with features such as a 3-way catalytic converter, lambda control ensuring low nox, Controls allow not only live monitoring but the ability to alter settings remotely, connect to a local network or www, and send email and text messages about operating and fault conditions. The engines can also be configured with a wireless connection to the monitoring station.

The engine is very simple to operate. The user only needs to know the current power demand and setpoint for heating or cooling. Given that there are no moving parts in the generator, there is no regular maintenance required.

Our CHP can be supplied mains parallel, mains parallel with standby facility, or in island mode. Load profiling buildings is an important part of the correct selection of CHP. Establishing the power and gas costs along with the kwhs for heating and power will result in the correct selection. The engine can be used as a mains parallel with standby, island operation, or installed as a stand-alone system.

Once the site power and gas costs have been established along with the heating energy consumption, the correct sizing of the engine can be determined.